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DoD Axis Bot Server
TEK Community L4D2 Server
News Posted  Thu 30 Apr, 2009 18:00 By TekServer

TS3 Server:

-Please make sure your email address is correct for mailing out important emails.

DoD Axis Bot Server (Denver)
L4D2 Server (Denver)
DoD PvP Server (Denver)

For World of Tanks our TS is ts.nafigg.com - ask for Mr. Beals or the TEK guys & gals.

DoD GameMe Stats
DoD PsychoStats

Joining The Dark Side:
1 Any TEK MEMBER may join the dark side.
2 If you join the dark side it can only be for two maps at time YOU must come back over for two maps or more, so that others members can play on the dark side.
3 No more then two members on the dark side at one time.
4 If the map is hard to cap then no members should go over.
5 If a pubber goes over to the dark side tell them they have one minute to come over, if they don't they should be kicked. If they do it more than three times, ban them for one hour.
6 If you feel that a member is not following the rules please pm any admin or post it here, AND WE WILL HAVE A TALK WITH THEM.


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