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TEK Community Rules Posted  Thu 30 Apr, 2009 18:00 By TekServer

Effective 1/25/18 a donation of $20.00 will give the member immunity, teamspeak and standard admin for a period of one (1) year.

Server Rules

TEK public servers are Bot servers. This means that we try to keep game play enjoyable.

1. Do not intentionally wound or kill your teammate
Even if they did it to you first, or get in your way, or piss you off.

2. Do not fire or melee attack near the spawn area
This avoids accidental team wounding.

3. Keep the foul language to a minimum
Our servers are a friendly environment open to players of all ages, genders and races. It may be a war video game but it is a public server.
Note: This applies to microphone, text chat, and player names.

4. Keep political and religious discussions off the server
People often play games to relax and escape these topics. Polite discussions can easily escalate into arguments.

5. Racism or discrimination of any kind is not tolerated and result in a permanent ban.

6. Respect all members and public players
Do not insult other players.

7. The admin's of the server have the right to kick if they see fit.

8. Keep complaints and whining to a minimum
We all have to play maps we don't like sometimes. Whining about it just gets on everyone's nerves.

9. Do not camp with (Snipers and MG'S). At least move forward when the team is advancing.

10. Do not block spawn doors or disrupt the flow of game play

11. Do not recruit for your own clan in our servers
This is a common courtesy among all clans; please respect it.

12. Do not impersonate a TEK member or use their real name in game.
Only those who have paid their membership may wear the [TEK] tags in their name.

13. Do not argue server rules in the server
Our server rules have been established for quite a length of time. If you have a specific issue with a rule, you may message TEK Generals via our forums.

14. Only members can join the dark side, but can only join two maps in a row. Please respect other members trying to play on the dark side.

Report rule-breaking to any TEK member present. Or go to the forums and post in the public section.


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